Digo Krishi || DreamWork Solution
With the aim of scaling CASI technologies and practices using ICT based tools and strategy, DreamWork Solution is working for project "Digo Krishi" under Sustainable and Resilient Farming Systems Intensification in the Eastern Gangetic Plains (SRFSI). The major approach of Digo Krishi is to scale out the SRFSI research findings, CASI technologies and practices by ICT based extension approach.

The major outcome of the projects include following components

1. Mobile application: Digo Krishi mobile app  includes contextual information about CASI technology and practices. The mobile app includes the information of Conservation Agriculture, Cultivation Protocols, Machineries Used, Technologies Used, Disease Management and Insect Management. The mobile app is for the dissemination of the information regarding Conservation Agriculture. Through the mobile app, farmers or agricultural stakeholders can connect with the Digo Krishi Data Center for further interaction and for getting relevant services. The mobile app can be found in play store under titles Digo Krishi - Nepali and Digo Krishi - English.

2. Public Website: Digo Krishi website is developed as the knowledge hub related with conservation agriculture. It includes the information and research findings related with conservation agriculture. News, Articles, Blogs and Activities of Project Digo Krishi can be found in the website under the domain name "www.digokrishi.com"

3. Database (Software): Digo Krishi Software system has been developed for the holistic management of CASI Technology, practices, machineries database, agro-vet database, farmer database, improved seed suppliers and other relevant information. The software system has been developed under the domain dc.digokrishi.com. The software system is the closed system for data operators of Digo Krishi team.

4. Data Center: It is the physical infrastructure, established in chitwan with 2 agriculturist data operator. Through the mobile app, farmers or agricultural stakeholders connect with the data center and based on software system under data center, agriculturist data center provides the relevant information and advisory services.