Action plan of Digo Krishi and Work Division

Program Date

Digo Krishi organized a short discussion program on 14th september 2018 at PG seminar hall, Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), Rampur, Chitwan to interact with the newly formed team of Digo Krishi as well as discuss on further plans and project. The program was conducted in presence of 30 enthusiastic members. The Program Manager,  Mr .Kiran Bamanu was the main presenter of the discussion program.

       The main motto of the program was to discuss about CASI technologies and practices as well as give concept and work plan of the project. The project Digo Krishi was managed by Dreamwork solution supported by ACIAR and CIMMYT Bangladesh.

       Out of 121 applicants, 30 members compromising 25 bachelor students from AFU, Rampur, 3 from Agri-engineering, Dharan and 2 from GPKCARC, Sunsari (PU campus) were selected as a team member of the Digo Krishi project. Team members present at that program were welcomed by the Event Manager Mr. Bishal Mahatara. After the introduction, Kiran Bamanu, the Program Manager was asked for his presentation. He informed about the process of selection of the team members as well as different categories allocated for the team work. After knowing the interactions of each team members, a group along with a coordinator for each management was selected.

Mr.Bishal Mahatara as Event Management Coordinator, Mr. Rabin Thapa as Content Management Coordinator, Mr. Aayush Raj Dhakal as Data operators and designing Coordinator, Mr. Krishna Babu Bhattarai as Communication Coordinator and Mr.Shiva Hari devkota as Coordinator of Data Analytics were selected.

The selected team was assigned for the effective conduction of the project Digokrishi, running from Aug, 2018 to April 2019 with the major components.

   -  Development of mobile app

     -Development of database software

     -Establishment of Data center

     -Public website

      The program manager further informed as about the upcoming activities of Digo Krishi along with its time frame. Also, He helped us to widen horizon of our knowledge about SRFSI (Sustainable and Resilient farming system) project, CIMMYT (international Maize and Wheat Improvement Center) and CASI (Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification) technologies and practices. The 3 majors principles of CASI technology and practices are

Minimum soil disturbance

Residue management 

Crop diversification and crop rotation

He concluded his presentation with the helpful target of extending the knowledge of Conservation Agriculture from 7500 farmers to 1.5 million farmers by the end of 2021. Thus, the short discussion program was successfully completed with the better hope of achieving the target of the project.