Scaling CASI technology and practices using ICT based tools and strategy


20th August, ‘DreamWork Solutions’ and ‘Digo Krishi’ brought together a group of about 60 undergraduate students of Agriculture and Forestry University and a project ‘Digo Krishi’ was made familiar to them. The program manager of ‘Digo Krishi’, Kiran Bamanu successfully carried out presentation on the topic ‘Scaling CASI (Conservation Agriculture Sustainable Intensification)  technology and practices using ICT(Information and Communication Technology) based tools and strategy’. The program manager of ‘DreamWork Solution’, Mr. Santosh Joshi also made his highly anticipated presence to support the project and in fact the program itself.


The project was in fact an accumulation of SRFSI (Sustainable and Resilient Farming Systems Intensification) Project, CASI technology, ‘Digo Krishi’, activities and role of agriculture students. The program started with introduction of the basics of conservation agriculture stating that it not merely meant nature conservation but also conservation in terms of other aspects like labor, time, etc. The project duration was estimated to run till June 2019 as it had started way back since 12 May, 2014. The major principles (minimum soil disturbance, residue management and crop diversification) and main components (mechanization, crop diversification and rotation, improved seed use) of CASI were also the matter of discussion that was in fact helpful to the undergraduates. The students responded with their own views regarding CASI and their questions were laudable. The program manager answered their questions and at last everyone seemed placid. Along with description of the roles of agriculture students, they were also ensured that they would get a chance to work under the project provided that they were determined towards it.


As an outcome of the program a number of resources will be developed and shared over the coming months.

Rabin Thapa