Machineries Used

Combine Harvestor

A combine harvester, or simply a combine, is a machine designed to harvest variety of grain crops efficiently.  It combines the tasks of harvesting, threshing, and cleaning grain crops- into a single process. The objective is the harvest of the crop such as; rice, corn (maize), sorghum, soybeans, flax (linseed), oats, wheat, rye …etc.

Reaper cum Binder

It is only different from Reaper that it cut and bind the crop before get dropped into field. Extra manual work is required when harvested by Reaper to bind the crop for threshing purpose. But Reaper cum binder automatic binds the crop during harvesting, thus makes easy to collect and extra human resource is not required for binding.


Reaper is any machine that help in harvesting of cereal grains when they are fully ripe. Reaper simply cut the crop and dropped it unbound on field. Conventional harvesting technique of cereal crop is very laborious work, this consumes more human resource and time for the work to be done.

Mechanical Weeder

Removal of unwanted plants is utmost for optimum production of agricultural crop. But conventional practices of weeding took more time and human resources, thus resulting in low profit and reduced production.

Rice Transplanter

As suggested by name, Rice transplanter is specialized transplanter used for the transplanting of rice with both machines operating i.e. riding type and hand operating i.e. walking type. This machine is suitable where the land is more or less leveled. Machine transplanting using rice transplanters requires considerably less time and labor than manual transplanting.

Seed Cum Fertilizer Machine

Seed cum fertilizer drill is used for simultaneous activities of seeding and fertilization process in single operation. It drills seeds and fertilizer together but delivers them separately in a single drive. The seeds and fertilizer are drilled at different depth, thus insures improved germination. There is separate container for seeds and fertilizer. Use of seed cum fertilizer drill helps to use fertilizer in plant near area and also in the zone where fertilizer loss is low and uptake by plant is high. This ensures efficient use of limited fertilizer. It is operated through tractor.

Happy Seeder

The happy seeder offers the means of drilling wheat into rice stubble without burning, eliminating air pollution and loss of nutrient and organic carbon due to burning, at the same time as maintaining or increasing yield.

Zero Till Machine

Zero tillage or no-tillage farming is a way of growing crops or Pasteur from year to year without disturbing the soil through tillage. Zero tillage machine is machine which is used for zero tillage or no-tillage farming. It has deep ploughing drill, fitted with container through which seeds are sown in field. Agricultural land where soil erosion through wind and rain is severe should practice zero tillage technique.

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